Welcome to Gekkos!


Located in the heart of Frankfurt Gekkos Bar gained nationwide recognition since its opening in December 2010. The award winning bar team serves classic cocktails along with own signature drinks, high class spirits and a splendid selection of wine and champagne plus an extensive collection of cigars. As well as live music on occasional dates, DJs provide musical entertainment six nights a week.

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At Gekkos we believe in quality.

We pick each and every ingredient used in our bar very carefully. We use only the best spirits we can get our hands on and try to make as much as possible by ourselves. For many years now, we have played around with homemade ingredients for drinks in our bar and we believe they are always superior to what you can buy commercially.

We have a classic approach to drinks; many of the concoctions we serve at Gekkos Bar can be found in old cocktail books. But we like to become creative and innovative. Due to this you can find some of our own creations or twists on classic drinks as well. We play around with a lot of techniques taken from the kitchen, coffee making and many more.